Black Mesa Death Match Tutorial

Black Mesa Death Match Tutorial


Not like HLDM or OpenAG, Black Mesa only has one map that playable, that is Crossfire (pro_v1 version& bms version)

So what you need to do first is remember these two maps. Remember the spawn point, remember the weapon point, remember the medical kits point and remember the batteries(hev suit shield) point.

BMS version

  • You can use tau cannon + long jump module to jump over here, because here has a invisible box.

  • You can pick up the medical kits through the wall here

pro_v1 version

  • You can pick up shotgun through the wall here


The movement is the most important, because if you move fast, that means you can pick up weapons fast, you can pick up medical kits (hp) fast, you can pick up batteries(suit shield) fast.

Basic bhop, I don't want to talk about it too much here, because you can find many bhop tutorial videos, what I want to say is that you need hold the ctrl (which is the defaut crouch key) then you can bhop.

And the other thing you need to know is, since the XEN chapter released, Black Mesa devs added power sliding in the game, you can hold crouch key then press A/D to boost on the ground.

Long jump module + bhop

Tau cannon jump + bhop, hold rightmouse (+attack2 key), the tau cannon can not only give you horizontal speed but also give you vertical speed

Tau cannon +attack2 doesn't have cool down time in MP


I don't want to talk about basic bhop practice, you should watch the video you find, then practice it in BMS

What I'm going to talk about is practice your movement in these two maps

You need to practice "how to jump from this window to that window", from a specific point to another specific point


I don't know how BMS caculate the player respawn point

But you can get the player's position by hearing the sound. Player spawn, the game will play the teleporting sound, like teleporting spawning monsters in Singleplay.


Oh yeah, the sound, you need to practice to get player's position by hearing the footstep sound.

Even though this game's sound is trash, but you can still get it by hearing carefully

Commands and Trouble shooting

Some useful commands

snd_restart fix the sound bug in MP, type it in console

in that !-InTeNs1v$tAt1oN-! server, you can type !rtv to rock the vote in chat

!nobots to disable the bots

!nobutton to diasble the big red nuclear button

!notau to disable the tau cannon (I'm sure that no one will agree about this XD)

And also, you can see the leader boards on that server here :

How to dodge the nuclear button boom

It's annoying that many noobs press the big red button over and over again.

But you can dodge the big boom by using tau cannon jump + long jump module

You can find the videos about it in my youtube channel.

Others 的 bot 打到一定的残血的时候就不会打你了

RPG 换弹可以通过切枪来取消, 但是 is-server 有一个插件修复了这一个 bug

steam 指南 :